We established original production line with the high technology cultivated in the tradition since
foundation 1890 to meet customerfs needs from the design to the completion of products.

@Applied products
It is the introduction of the product.

Optical glass

The glass which transmits by light is used in the every optical field
The accumulation of the technological power creates the product with high quality as a glass maker of the lighting since the foundation for the ship use by the integrated production from melting of the glass material to molding.

Fresnel lens Integrator Lens Stained glass

Color glass

We will respond the various requirements such as the color glass as for the signal and color & shape which let a gorgeous atmosphere to a heart of a person

Blue Red Green

A light film optical product

We produce various optics filters and reflectors by molding technology, superior glass production and multilayered evaporation technology depending on a wavelength choice characteristic.


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Glasses for the illumination
Applied products

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Glass Material
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