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They are the general lighting glass material and the introduction of the production process.
The glass key raw material

Basic raw materials of glass
Silica Sand Silica sand which hits the glass bone material is given to it. Silica is the raw material which occupies about 70% of the glass formation.
Na2CO3 The constituent which makes glass easy to melt. About 12%-18 % of the glass formation
CaCO3 The one for the lime of soda lime glass is given to it. About 3%-12 % of the glass formation
Na2B4O7 The durability of the constituent which makes glass easy to melt, and glass is raised. It becomes the material of hard glass.
K2CO3 The constituent which makes glass easy to melt. Coloring of the luster on the surface of glass and the color is done, and it becomes the material of leadless Crystal Glass.
Al(OH)2 The chemical glass durability (acid resistance) is raised. Usually, about 1-2% comes in with soda lime glass with Borosilicate glass (hard glass) about 3%
Feldspar Silica, the alumina, Potassium and the sodium are contained, and it is convenient for taking the foundation constituent .
ZnO Because the thermal expansion is made comparatively low, it uses for the constituent of Borosilicate Glass.@ It uses for crystal glass of leadless as well recently.
BaCO3 The glass raw material of the cathode-ray tube of the television. And, it uses for crystal glass of optical glass and leadless as well.
Others that it oxidizes, carbonic acid lithium, the magnesium oxide and the titanium oxide, the zircon, and so on are used.

The production process of the glass product

Mixing It responds to the use, and the key raw material is mixed.

Dissolution The raw material made up is made to dissolve with the melting pot in temperature of about 1,500.

Shaping The glass which dissolved is made the necessary shape.

The fundamental method of manufacture
Blow molding Molten glass is involved in the point of the pipe, and the air is blew into glass like a balloon, and fix it in a mold.
Spin molding Molten glass is poured into a mold which it turned, and the form is taken with the centrifugal force.
Press molding Molten glass is poured into the concave mold and pressed by convex shape mold, and the shape is taken.
(Press and Blow) molding
The method of manufacture that the press & blow blew and molding is mechanized.

Annealing Molded glass is cooled gradually to take the distortion. The visual inspection is done after annealing.

Processing Some of the products need to be cut or holes drilled as final finish. There is also a special processed product.


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