We established original production line with the high technology cultivated in the tradition since
foundation 1890 to meet customer’s needs from the design to the completion of products.

 Lighting Department
It is the introduction of the product.

The combination of multiple kind glass material, molding, processing and finishing

Glass material: (milk white), transparency, hardness

The method: molded, blow, press and blow and spin

Finishing, processing: The polish, the stone rubbing, rolled edge, frost processing and coating processing

In every field,

For medical care and for Illumination such as residence lighting, office lighting, store lighting, landscape lighting, stage lighting and glass for ship

Illumination Glass
Illumination Glass
Illumination Glass
Fresnel Lens
Bottle for medical
Illumination for ship

The concentration of the OSG group
The glass material which is suitable for the customer’s needs and the multilayered film evaporation products which is suitable for illuminant character and for the color temperature control evaporation technology.


 Products Guidance
Glasses for the illumination
Applied products

 Research and Development
Glass Material
Dominant Technology
Quality Control
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