We established original production line with the high technology cultivated in the tradition since
foundation 1890 to meet customerfs needs from the design to the completion of products.

@Predominance Technology

Patent acquisition

The patent is acquired with the glass new material OTA and OTI.

Predominance technology

By the fusion of the skill which has been cultivated for many years, "The development of the material" "molding technique" "evaporation technology" is improved, and get the trust as the company which can meet the demand of customers.

The development of the material

The high heat-resistance: The thermal expansion coefficient is small and excellent in the heat-resistance by the strain point is being high.

1. High molding precision: Because glass hardens immediately at the time of molding, the precision of transcription is excellent.

2.@RoHS: Development of various glass which does not contained the harmful lead and arsenic in the environment.

This glass is being used widely as reflector for lamp exposed to the high temperature of the extreme height 550 used in the projector.

Molding Technology

1. Produce excellent reflector with minute unevenness on the molded surface in the reappearance of the form efficiently.

2. It is realized that we get the stable quality without glass grinding processing by the skill which has been cultivated in the mold design technology, mold management technology and the glass press technology for many years.

It makes the most of the molding technology of this, and it is adopted as high brightness reflector for lamp used in the projector.

Deposition Technology

Established cooled mirror coating with the heat-resistance more than 550 by the multilayered film coat to curved surface glass by original film deposition design technology. Established technology which deposit steadily in the different variety of elliptic mirror and parabola mirror

We fix the multilayered film deposition technology and the total production system from design of film deposition optical product to the manufacture.


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