We established original production line with the high technology cultivated in the tradition since
foundation 1890 to meet customer’s needs from the design to the completion of products.

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Osaka Special Glass Co., Ltd. handles the glasswork for the illumination and coating process.
We recognize that the preservation of the global environment is one of the extreme important subjects of mankind commonness, and do the business activities that it gave careful consideration to the preservation of the global environment in every enterprise activities side.

Basic Policy

1. For the sustainable growth, an environment management system about the environment preservation activities is prepared and it works for the target improvement continuously.

2. An impact statement is done about the business activities. About the important item, An environment purpose and a goal are established technically and economically in the possible range and it is reviewed regularly.

3. We observe related laws and regulations and a standard and other requirements, and we established the self-restriction. We try for prevention of pollution and the prevention.

4. Reduce the environment load as much as possible, and aim at the business activity to assume circulation basis. It grapples with the item preponderantly as follow.
(1) Decrease of a waste and recycling
(2) The increase in efficiency of the energy and saving energy development
(3) Prohibition of use of the ozone layer destruction material
(4) The thoroughness of control of chemical material

5. It participates in the activities about the environmental education actively, and works for the symbiosis with the community.

6. An environmental education and intra-office activities are carried out, and an environment policy is known well to all the employees.

7. An environment policy is introduced to the public by the demand in the outside of the company.

Osaka Special Glass CO., Ltd.
President Hiroyuki Ishiki


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