We established original production line with the high technology cultivated in the tradition since
foundation 1890 to meet customer’s needs from the design to the completion of products.

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Introduce of Osaka Special Glass Co., Ltd.

It works for the development of talented people's raising and the new technology, and concentrates on charming articles-making, and contributes to the society.

For the competitiveness of the global age, High technology, fine and Information became an important key word.

We will challenge the new original development of material to comply with the needs of the age actively. We will develop the optical coating technology in the each field of the high technology such as industrial machinery, the medical, the household electric appliances and lighting and investigate the function by using the most of the best technology with the most advanced device.

We always see one step point of the ages. We developed overseas strategy quickly, and built the system that glassware for the lighting was supplied to each country of the world including Japan.

We continue the challenge to keep the enterprise which provides the product-making by the original technology and the software speedy by information technology.

Osaka Special Glass CO., Ltd.
President Hiroyuki Ishiki


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